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Oxana Van Der Berg - founder and owner

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Meet the Wild Childs Team

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Oxana is the founder and the main engine behind the Wild Childs force.

She started the business in 2012, and she has since put a ton of energy, hard work, enthusiasm, imagination, care and love into a company which has grown tremendously over the years. She loves working from home, seeing her kids during the day and arranging super parties for children all over Joburg and Pretoria. It’s fantastic to make kids and parents smile and nothing makes her happier about her job than receiving positive feedback after a successful party.

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Butho is our jumping castle whizz.

He began working for Wild Childs in 2016, washing castles and water slides. His hard work and enthusiasm were soon evident, and he became a regular assistant for weekend deliveries.

Conscientious and ever-smiling, Butho has five children, one of whom occasionally travels with the team to parties, helping with deliveries and operating the ice cream machine.

Butho can fix minor problems with equipment and does so with energy and good humour.

He loves soccer and reading, particularly fiction with Wilbur Smith his favourite author.

Butho says that the most enjoyable aspect of his job is interacting with happy families, especially when he serves them ice cream and candy floss.

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Raymond is one of our two busiest drivers.

He joined Wild Childs in January 2017 and has since barely missed a weekend of work. His busiest days are Fridays and Saturdays, when we have many deliveries, so he constantly travels from one side of town to the other. Even during the tough Covid times, as soon as we were permitted to operate, Raymond was on the road delivering castles to families who couldn’t organise parties but wanted to keep their children active in their own gardens.

Hard-working and loyal, Raymond has a daughter, Tafadzwa, who’s 12, and three older sons. He recently became a grandfather to a cute baby girl, who lives in Zimbabwe.

Being an Arsenal fan, he loves watching English Premier League action with his friends.

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Teekay is our other busiest driver and has worked most weekends, including Christmas eve and Christmas day, delivering equipment to dear clients. Teekay joined the team in March 2017. He has two children. Firstly, there’s Charmaine, who is 14, and doing exceptionally well at school. She is a top achiever in English, maths and Afrikaans and enjoys her sport too, namely shotput , netball and ring ball. Plus there’s Calvin, who is 21, and loves playing soccer and is an aspiring pastry chef. Teekay enjoys interacting  with our diverse clientele and gets especially excited when he discovers on occasion that he’s meeting clients who are celebrities from the world of film and entertainment – yes, this happens quite often! Teekay loves watching Netflix and his favourite show is Money Heist. He also enjoys wildlife (but fears snakes).

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Michael does magic with stretch tents. Before joining Wild Childs in 2019, he had worked for 17 years for 3D Design – doing beautiful décor for corporate events. He has a great eye for detail, which is valuable for someone decorating parties. Resourceful and thorough, Michael is an excellent handyman too. He knows how to fix electric rides or machines.

He has four children aged between one and 14-years-old. When he has free time, he loves spending it with them, playing or going to the park together. He happens to be an excellent gardener too and can transform a plain space into a beautiful flourishing garden in a matter of months. He loves reading magazines, and his favourite is ‘Bona’.




Wisdom, who comes from Harare, is the newest driver in the Wild Childs crew. Always friendly and eager to help with clients’ requests, he is keen to learn and develop his skills. Having a 7 year old son (Terence) helps him to have a good feel for what kids enjoy doing at parties.

Wisdom loves soccer and is a big Man U fan. He also enjoys listening to gospel music and would love to have a pet cat.


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