Action parties for girls and boys

We bring fun activities which are fully interactive and all the kids can take part in them.

Price is R2250 for 1.5 hrs

Additional Entertainer (For parties exceeding the 30 children) is R700


Travel Fee for the Great JHB regions (Lenasia, Pretoria, Roodepoort, Vereeniging, Muldersdrift, etc) R300

We encourage group  play and arrange various games which children adore.

We have many themes and can work with the theme of the party!

Best age for it is 5 - 13 y.o.

See various themes below, which we can adjust if you want

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race kids party theme is performed at the venue of your choice or your garden. Activities are performed along coordinates of a compass, completing activities along the way which will give the clues to unlock a hidden electronic safe which will allow them to complete the amazing race.

  • Build a block

  • Brain teaser challenge

  • Topple the bucket

  • Colour counters

  • Paint ball targets

Army Theme

Discipline, attention and FUN!!! Our army parties are filled with activities that bring plenty laughs of active training with splashes of fun and the top shooter challenges, such as:

  • Human hospital carriers

  • Tyre races

  • Rope

  • Push up endurance

  • Base runs

  • Bomber blasts

  • Strength in numbers (Tug of war)

  • Water wars

  • Paintball target shooting elimination

Treasure Hunt

Deep in the woods you may find a treasure, one to eat or wear to your pleasure.

Compete in a treasure hunt race where hidden treasures are there in place.

Our team’s compete in two challenges on the day, one being a race in thought and the other in the garden of play.

All children will be rewarded for their sharp and shiny eyes by keeping the treasures their fingers can find.

Please enquire for further party details

Fear Factor

(Please note that our activities are adapted to suit the children at the various parties and are subject to change to ensure that the best activities are performed for the best party).

  • Pickled Onion and Olive relay

  • Runny egg races

  • Apple floaters

  • Bok droll spoeg

  • Sweet or sour guessing

  • Paintball target shooting

  • Water war clean up

Party splashes

Perfect for a hot day, because these activities involve water

  • Tip the tower

  • Ball pong dunkers

  • Ball spray races

  • Water balloon catches

  • All for one and one for all saviours

  • Dried up relays

  • Hola dives

  • Hidden sunken treasures

  • Water wars

  • Target shooting dunkers

Pirate games

  • Pirate captures

  • Canon bombing

  • Blasting dodgers

  • Heaving ropes

  • Treasure hunts

  • Blind man’s clobber

  • Battle watering wars

  • Target boat paintball shooting


  • Track Events

  • Concentration speed walking challenge

  • Endurance challenge

  • Speed sprints Field events

  • Shot put challenge

  • Body weight lifting

  • Javelin

  • Speed sprints

  • Obstacle course

  • Hand ball

  • Dodge ball

  • Tug of war

  • Cool down showers

  • Water cool down fights

  • Paintball target shots


  • Warm ups

  • Dribble drills

  • Header and hands

  • Speed beacons

  • Ball control

  • Ball survival

  • Only one champ

  • Penalty shootouts

  • Soccer game

  • The team the achieves top points in training wins the toss and is rewarded with first play

  • Cool down showers

  • Water cool down fights

  • Paintball target shots


  • Survival saviours

  • Ball balance

  • The three legged race

  • Survival of the fittest

  • Tug of war

  • Survival dodgers

  • Tip the tower

  • Water wars

  • Paintball target shooting

Survivor Extreme- this preimum theme is R2500

  • Survival saviours

  • Hola puzzle racing

  • Blind man’s catch

  • Ball balance

  • The three legged race

  • Survival of the fittest

  • Tug of war

  • Survival dodgers

  • Tip the tower

  • Paintball target shooting

  • Enduro focus

  • Water blast