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It's not just the kids who want the cool cake!

Cakes . Cupcakes . Cake Pops . Biscuits

Sizes recommended per amount of servings:

  • 10 kids - 15cm or 20cm

  • 15 kids - 20cm

  • 20 kids - 25cm

  • 25 kids - 30cm or 15cm and 20cm 2 tier

  • 30 kids - 15cm and 20cm 2 tier

  • 35 kids - 20cm and 25cm 2 tier

  • 40 kids - 22cm and 27cm 2 tier

If you order a package, which comes with a cake, we will bake the cake big enough to feed the number of children on your selected package.

You can increase the size or add tiers if you like.

We will then let you know extra fee on top of the package.

Cakes are freshly baked the day before the party and delivered to your venue to save you trouble.

Please send us an image of the cake you’d like or give us a theme and we will send proposals.

We will need the name and child’s age on the cake (if you’d like that), as well as the date, delivery address and deadline.

We make cupcakes, cake pops and other sweet treats and deliver to houses, venues, restaurants, schools (for birthday rings), sick friends or anyone else you would like to make smile.

The most popular flavours:

  • Vanilla                 

  • Chocolate

  • Red velvet

  • Lemon Creme

  • Caramel

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