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Airbrush Tattoos

Approximate price for 1 hour of airbrush or glitter tattoos is

  • R900 for the first hour

  • R450 per hour thereafter

  • R100 for costume

Airbrush tattoos are temporary tattoos created with an atomizer, stencils and special body paints.

A stencil in the desired design is placed on the skin. The atomizer directs the paint through a special applicator, blowing a thin film of paint over the stencil and skin.

They are waterproof, but easily removed with baby oil.

Most of our entertainers are versatile and can paint faces, do balloon sculpting, do arts and crafts and play games with the children. If you want several activities, we suggest you discuss the length of the time you want the entertainer there.


Pease be realistic when booking times – we do approximately 25 temporary tattoos per hour.

For glitter tattoos we use:


  • Stencils

  • High quality body art glue 

  • A variety of sparkling colourful glitter

glitter tattoos.jpeg
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