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Parachute Rocket

Unforgettable & Fun!

Parachute Rocket 6 x 6m - R2600

Hired with an operator & the rate is for 2-3 hours.

Total weight limit 120 kg

  • Up to 4 kids enter through the small door and get seated in the swinging harnesses.

  • The door then closes, sealing the unit, and the inner chamber fills with air. The increased pressure builds up inside the parachute rocket and participants are lifted up slowly.

  • They stay elevated for a few moments and excitedly await the fun ending when the air door is opened and the air pressure is released.

  • All the participants are then suddenly (and safely) dropped onto the inflated floor - a moment usually accompanied by much hollering and laughing.

  • If you want to book additional time, please discuss.

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