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Stretch tent 9 x 8m R1500 
White with either pink or blue splashes
It helps of you send us a photo of the area where you want us to put the stretch tent - in order for us to start planning the set up.
Please note that the stretch tents are not water-proof. 
They create shade and add chic to your event

Stretch Tents

A stretch tent is a piece of a stretch material which gets attached to poles, pegs, trees and other rigging points – a striking addition to any outdoor event.
White stretch tent 7 x 8m: R1,500

It can be used:
  • Indoors (especially under a thatched roof) to create a 3-D look and cover unsightly areas (corners, etc).

  • Outdoors for shade and a chic look.

  • As a backdrop, provided there are rigging points on both sides (nails, hooks, trees or anything else the string can be tied to).


The tent is, however, not waterproof. 

Add splashes of colour:
  • Pink 

  • Blue 

  • Green 

  • Yellow 

  • Red

For us to be fully equipped for your set up, please send us a photo of the place where you’d like the tent to be.

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