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Kids' party decoration
With a PERSONAL touch - ANY theme

Basic setup includes

  • Kids' tables 

  • Kids'chairs

  • Linen 

  • Table cloths

  • Chair covers

  • Tie backs of any colour

Prices for basic setup

15-19 children                    R850

20-25 children                  R950

every 5 children               +R100

add tutus to chairs          R25 per tutu

Picnic setup includes

  • Pallets

  • Cushions

  • Linen

  • Table cloths

  • Cushion covers

Prices for picnic setup

8-10 children                              R850

 12-14 children                            R950 

every 4 children                       +R100

More decor pricing


Stretch tent 9x8m                   R1500

Plates/cups/serviettes          R25 per pack

Balloons on sticks                   R20 each

Themed party packs              R45 each

Balloon arches                         from R1350 each

Balloon circles                          from R1550

Tutu skirt to hire                       R25 each


We help with many more decor items, please ask us.


We recommend you look at our packages, which make your choice much easier - they vary depending on your budget and you can adjust them too!

Frequently asked questions
View the answers to questions we get asked a lot

Few item prices

Themed pinatas (come with a stick and sweets inside)             R650
Themed name letters                                                                           R80 each 

Themed popcorn boxes with popcorn                                             R35 each

Themed water bottles                                                                          R15 each

Themed Oros juice                                                                                R22 each

Themed Centre piece                                                                          R200

Themed birthday flags banner                                                          R200

Themed Bubbly chocolates                                                                R35 each

Themed plates, cups, serviettes                                                         R9 each

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