1. What is a basic package?
Basic package includes:
* plastic kids’ tables and chairs with linen: chair covers, table cloths and organza tie-backs
* plastic bowls for chips and sweets
* solid colour plates, cups and serviettes
* marshmallows, fizzers and chips (usually Lays, but may vary depending on stock)
* themed party packs (boxes with themed stickers on that include juice, chips (Nik Naks), a fizzer, a sucker, a popping candy and a small present)
When you do your calculations please note that on top of the package there is a delivery fee and a set-up fee.

2. What is a set-up fee?
It’s R200 that we charge for putting tables and chairs in the requested area and putting all the chair covers on the chairs and table cloths on the tables + organza tie-backs. We put the plates/cups/serviettes on the tables for you + bowls with chips and sweets, etc. If the package includes the castle, we put it up for you and if you have water bottles, balloons, ice cream machine etc – all of this gets displayed and set up.
We only set up what we bring ourselves. If you need help decorating with goods that you purchased or ordered elsewhere, we can do that for an extra fee. Please discuss it with us.

3. I want to save R300 for the set-up fee – can I do the set-up myself?
Yes. We will deliver everything in containers and you can set up yourself. We will then collect.

4. What is the difference between packages?
All packages start with basics, so they ALL include basics (see question nr 1 for full list of basics) and as they go along more extras are added and the price increases.

5. Can I adjust packages? My aunt wants to bake us a cake, so I don’t need one.
Yes. We can take things out or add things. For example, you can take the basic package + jumping castle. Or you can take package 9 and deduct the cake or hot dog platters.

6. Can I just pick some items and not take a package?
Yes, absolutely. We created packages to make people’s choice easier. If you know exactly what you want, please tell us and we will supply a quote.

7. What are the available colours for linen?
Light blue, navy blue, light pink, cerise, lilac, white, black, red, yellow, orange, green.

8. Can we combine more than two colours for décor/linen? Will it cost extra?
Yes, you can combine and it will NOT cost extra.

9. I have a picture of the cake I want. Can you make this cake?
Yes – please send us the photo. Some cakes are more complex than others and some have plastic figurines. Those will cost extra. Packages include one-tier themed cakes. If you want to increase it to two- or three-tier, it’s not a problem. It will cost slightly extra on top of the package.


10. Does Oxana always come to do the set-up?
We have a team of well-trained people who travel to parties, so Oxana doesn’t always do the set-up.


11. Where are you based?
We are in a part of Joburg that few people seem to know. It’s called Highlands North. It is right next to Norwood, Waverley and Melrose. We do deliveries all over Joburg and even Pretoria. We travel to Harties and other places (charging extra for long hauls).


12. What are the delivery fees?
Delivery is quoted depending on distance. Usually it’s between R200 and R400


13. When will you deliver and collect?
Delivery and collection is discussed on an individual basis. Saturdays are incredibly busy so we like to do some deliveries on Fridays – especially if it suits the client. Collections are usually done in the afternoon after the party is finished or the next day. We often collect on Mondays too.


14. Can I collect myself?
This is something we need to discuss individually. We have had a few attempted thefts of jumping castles and therefore we have to be extremely careful. If you want self-collection, we request an email from your work address + copy of ID and proof of residence and a deposit. We work extremely hard and the equipment we own is expensive; therefore we have to take necessary precautions to ensure we know exactly where the equipment is and who is taking care of it.


15. How does the payment work?
We work on a pre-paid basis. After you received the invoice you are welcome to do the full payment. If you prefer to do a deposit (min 50%) we will require the balance in cash on delivery BEFORE we start setting up the party. We have a cash policy document, which we can send through. The rule is that we have to receive full payment before you start the party. When you do an EFT please remember to put your name and party date as a reference. It’s even better if you drop us a line saying you’ve made payment or send us POP.


16. I want to book, what is the next step?
We need the following info from you + your requirements and your child’s photo:
Child’s name and age
Date and time of the party
Time you want the entertainer to arrive (if you are booking any) Theme
Number of kids
Your name and cell phone number


17. How do jumping castles work?
Castles are big and heavy, which is why we prefer to deliver ourselves. We spread the castle on the ground/grass and connect the sleeve to the blower. The blower needs to be connected to an electricity supply. If your plugs are far from the castle location, it is your responsibility to arrange extensions. The castle can’t be used if it is raining and the electric blower must be stored under cover at night and during the rain. If the kids have had enough jumping you can switch the blower off. If you want the castle back on, you just plug the blower back on and the castle inflates in a minute. The castle doesn’t need to run permanently if you are not using it. Again, it only takes a minute or two to blow up.


18. How do water slides work?
Similar to the castles + you will need a hose pipe and water supply. The water doesn’t need to run permanently for hours. Once the pool at the bottom is quite full, you can switch the water off. However, the water level eventually decreases and you will have to switch on the hosepipe periodically. (Blower rules are the same as with jumping castles).


19. Can you help with entertainment?
Yes. It’s also charged individually, depending on area, amount of kids, etc – so please ask!


20. Do I need to come see you to discuss the party?
You don’t need to come and see us, we can discuss it all on the phone, email or Whatsapp. We can even discuss things with clients via Skype. If you are more comfortable coming to see us, that’s also fine. You need to make an appointment though. The best times are during the week from 8am-1pm.


21. Can you come to our house/venue to have a look and discuss the décor, where we put the castle, etc?
Yes, with call-out fees starting at R300.

Frequently asked questions