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Exotic Animals

R1990 for 45 minutes show

+ 15-30 min photo session

+ handling and holding


* Price may be higher for areas far from Randburg*

This is a really fun way to learn about animals.


We bring an educational workshop to your party and the best part is that children can handle the animals, feed them and play with them under supervision.

Additionally, we bring snake skins, spider moldings and food that the animals eat.

Here are the animals we bring:​

  • Leopard gekko

  • Curly or Choco Golden knee Tarantula

  • Bearded Dragon

  • Ackie Monitor 

  • Blue-tongue skink

  • Stick insect

  • Dumbo rats

  • Rabbits

  • Tenrec

  • Variety of snakes (corn snake, sand boa)

Additional Extras 

  • Reticulated Python (2m long) R400

  • Red tail boa (2m long) R300

  • Iguana R200

  • Blue-tongue skink (Additional R250)

  • Bosch Monitor (Additional R350)

  •  Albino Burmese Python                              (3m + girthy snake - additional R650)

  •  Albino Retic                                                 (1.9m + slender snake - additional R550)

  • Normal colour Reticulated Python          (2.5m + Slender Snake - additional R500)

  • Red Tail Boa                                                  (1.8m+ girthy snake - additional R450)

  •  Albino Red Tail Boa                                            (+ -2m girthy snake - additional R550)

  •  Baby Croc (additional R650