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Jumping Castles

Delivery fee is charged on top of the castle price

(R300-R500 depending on the area)

  • Please let us know if there are any stairs leading to area of set-up

  • Clearance of 2 metres (minimum) is required for delivery. Many of the large castles do not fit through standard size doors, they are seriously big!

  • This is particularly important for the following castles: Tough rough stuff, Fun tunnel, Ice/Dino castle, Adventure alley, Blu4u.

  • Castles and slides require electricity. Please arrange extensions, if necessary

  • Water slides require hose pipes and water supply, which client needs to arrange. Bubble soap is optional.

  • Castles are washed on a weekly basis and all look as per pictures you see here:  themed, bright and very cool!

  • Jumping castles should not be operated in windy conditions for safety reasons.

Unisex Castles 
Popular for girls 
Popular for boys 
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