Water slides

Slippy slides 2m x10m - R550


purple and turquoise

red, blue and yellow

Double Waterslide 2.5m - 8.5m - with a large pool at the end -R750


Gladiator slide 3m wide x 3 tall x 8m long  - R750


Gladiator slide at the back - to show rope ladder for climbing

All require electricity supply, water supply and a hose pipe. If you need a hose pipe, please let us know and we can hire it out for you. Please don't allow animals near inflatables, as dogs often try to chew them.

You don't have to use bubble bath on the water slide, but you can, if you like. If you want bubbles, you are welcome to buy a bottle of bath foam or order from us at R60.

If power supply is not right where you plan to put the motor, please arrange an extension cord. If you don't have one, please let us know and we can hire it out to you.