Kids' Rides, Trains and Carousels


 Each single ride has a push button to activate it.

No coins or tokens are needed - and kids LOVE that.

You need electricity though!

The machine automatically stops after 1 minute.

Each machine is fitted with a power cable  approximately 1.5 meters long.

We have a wide variety of rides: Aeroplane, Bike, Dolphin,  Unicorn, Dinosaur,  Elephant, Formula 1, Garfield, Horse, Noddy, Pony, Rubber Duck, Seal, Thomas the Train, Tractor, Train, Tug Boat, VW Beetle Car, Helicopter and a few more.


1 single electric ride                        R550

More then 1 ride:

1st ride                                                     R500

Each ride after that                        R300

Train on track:                                    R1950

(8m x 8 space needed

2-3 hours + operator)

Pony carousel                                    R1450

(3 ponies; 1.3 wide, 2.1m high

can't go up and down stairs)

tank - victoria.jpg
3 pony blue.jpg