Jumping Castles, Water Slides and Soft play   

Please see prices / sizes and take note that there is a delivery fee on top of the castle price, usually R200-400 depending on the area.

2m x 10m water slides R500

Pink and purple princess 3 x 5m R600

Spiderboy 4m x 4m R500

Fun tunnel 11 x 7m  R1000

Mushroom castle / ball pond (or pool for water in summer) R600 + R30 per bag of plastic balls

Dinosaur castle 5m x 5m R800

Princess carriage 3-in-1 

6.5m x 3.5m R700

red, blue & yellow

purple & turquoise

Double slide 2.5 x 8.5m R700


Gladiator slide

3m x 8m x 3m (high) R700

Cars 4m x 4m R500

Standard with pink tops 3m x 3m R500

Roof castle 3m x 3m R600

Unicorn towers 4m x 4m R600

Minions 3m x 3m R500

Soft play R600

Unicorn castle with mini slide 3.5 x 5.5m R600

Standard 3m x 3m R500

Ice castle 5m x 5m R800

Soccer 3m x 3m R500

Standard 3m x 3m R500

ballerina castle.jpg
fun tonnel collage.jpg

Girly versatile 3.5m x 5.5m R600

Paw patrol 3m x 3m R500

Standard 3m x 3m R500