Frequently asked questions on PJ parties

 Is the sleeping arrangement for hire or to keep?

Everything is for hire except for the plastic water bottles with themed labels and balloons on sticks.

The approximate cost of all the sleeping components per head is R980, so there is no way you could purchase it at R250-R270.


What is included in the sleeping arrangement per person:
Tepee (tent)                               

Mattress (160 cm long) with a cover

Fluffy soft blanket

Pillow with pillow case           

Cushion matching the tent                               

Water bottle with themed label

Balloon on stick                        

Flannel rug between the tents


How does it work?

Usually pyjama parties start in the late afternoon. We come to your house before the guests arrive and we set everything up to make sure it looks gorgeous. If you order extras, like décor, cake, presents, etc, we make sure everything is brought and set up before the party begins.

If you order entertainment, your entertainer will arrive at the agreed time.

If you order breakfast boxes, we bring them before the party begins, but you only give them to kids in the morning. All you need is to have enough milk for their cereal.

We will collect everything the next day at the agreed time, but we will never rush you to be ready for collection too early.


Are there any additional costs?

When estimating costs, please bear in mind there is a delivery fee (usually around R350-R400) and a set up fee (R200-R300), depending on the distance to travel. Better let us calculate the costs – send your requirements and we will reply with a quote.


Do we have it at my house or at your premises?

I giggled when I wrote this one, but I’ve been asked this questions several times. As much as my kids would’ve loved to have some new friends over for the night, we are not a hotel for children.

The parties are done at client’s houses and as a parent you are taking responsibility for looking after your kids and their guests.


How much space do I need?

The tent together with the mattress is 75 cm wide by 170 cm long, but to avoid the squeeze, please make sure you have 1m x 2m space for each tent. There is also a flannel matt that goes between the rows of tents.

So, just as an indication, here are the suggestions on space required for:

1 person - 1m x 2m;          

2 people - 2m x 2m (tents next to each other);            

3 people - 3m x 2m (tents next to each other);

4 people - 4m x 2m (next to each other or in 2 rows)  

6 people - 3m x  4m (2 rows of tents with 3 in each)

8 people - 4m x 4m (2 rows of tents with 4 in each)


Are the tents stable? Can they fall?

The tents are stable and they are also very light. If kids go wild they may accidently knock the tents over, but even if they fall on someone, there should not be a problem as the material we use for the structure is hollow and super-light.

However, we don’t bear responsibility if someone knocks the tent or trips over it, etc. As you surely understand, as a hosting parent the responsibility is yours.

What else do I need to arrange?

We can help with pretty much everything you need for the party. Here are the things we suggest you think about (whether from us or arranged separately):

Food for kids during the party (platters work well)

Snacks like popcorn, chips, hot chocolate

Cake and drinks

Presents for guests (toiletry bags, etc)

Activities and entertainment

Breakfast arrangements

Bathroom arrangements (towels, toothpaste etc)

Make sure the room has comfortable temperature: not too hot, not too cold

Have all the children parents’ phone numbers in case of emergency

Discuss with your child if you want him/her to allocate names to tents or the guests will choose their tents themselves

If kids will watch a movie, please make sure you have several in case the first choice doesn’t go well.